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CripCrip Ya
An Astroverse exclusive music video premiere.
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The first ASTRO key.
Unlock with Astro Keys
Gamified Content
Early access to explore, interact and discover unique unlocks in our Astro Donuts virtual locations.
Patch updates will include hidden drops and added features.
Project Assets
Source assets from the Crip Ya Enthusiasm music video available to our members.
Learn Our Process
In depth walk-throughs showing our creation process using the provided project assets.
Phase 01
The first digital charm
Each Astro Project has a unique digital key that unlocks projects in the Astro VAULT,
a member dashboard hosted on a fully decentralized network
containing gamified content, project assets, educational content and more.
Build mocap animation studio
Metaverse music video for Crip Ya Enthusiasm by Snoop Dogg
goes live
Reserve Seat
goes live
Reserve Seat
Crip Ya Enthusiasm goes live on Snoop Dogg's YouTube channel
Exclusive drops and events hosted inside gamified content
Phase 02
We are only as strong as our community,
that is why we want to bring value directly to our members.
The Astro Genesis drop will be an all access pass to all future Astro Projects.
Donut holders can trade 5 donuts for an Astro master key.
goes live
Reserve Seat
goes live
Reserve Seat
Astro Origins series
Next Project Launch
Brand deals and partnerships to bring value to Astro members
Build high fidelity render farm accessible to Astro members
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