Astro Project is a content company that tells stories utilizing cutting edge technology, high-level creative talent and then “gamifies” it. Allowing users to explore, interact and experience content in a new way.
16 camera motion capture studio located in Santa Monica, CA
Astro Project is building a multiplayer open world game where players can explore multiple virtual locations,
meet other like minded people, attend events, and find hidden gems.
Behind the curtain

What sets us apart?

Rewarding our early supporters

Collect 5 Donuts

Hold on to at least 5 donuts until the Astro Genesis is live.

Trade for an Astro

5 donuts will be tradeable for an Astro right from the vault.

VIP access for life

Holding an Astro will grant you access to all future Astro projects along with free airdrops of upcoming collections.

Meet the team

Jesse Wellens
Co-Founder // Director
James DeFina
Co-Founder // Director // Animator
Tim van Niekerk
Artist // Animator
Nick Gmitter

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Astroverse?
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What is the Astro Vault?
What makes the Vault decentralized?
What will I find in the Vault?
What is gamified content?
What's the 5 year plan for Astro Project?
What will Astro Project do with the funds raised?
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